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At ADCPL, our mission is not only to create architecture within our clients’ spatial and budgetary needs, but also to deliver a project that is accountable for, and responsive to, the world we live in. We believe in a collaborative design process, not only between ourselves, but between us and our client. More than 2D drawings, we rely on 3D images to convey our design intent to our clients which helps them understand and comprehend the overall design character.


We, along with our structural consultants, are constantly innovating new design solutions for our clients which result in smarter designs & greater structural strength with lesser building materials. Our experience of over 25 years helps us in calculating accurate estimates and material quantities which results in better transparency and cost control. We have a dedicated Civil Department to take care of Structural Design, Execution, Billing and Management of Contractors.


Our design studio strives to create a balance between aesthetics and functionality. We follow modern, contemporary & international design styles having ideal combinations of colors, textures, lighting and materials. We pay special attention to co-ordination of building services while planning the interior design. Our USP is our ability to show proposed design to the clients in photorealistic 3D views, which gives a complete picture of interior spaces before the execution even starts!


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • const . Admin .
  •   Analysis of the existing site condition and drawings
  •   Create a Program of Spaces for building interior, including basic information such as sizes, space requirements, workflows, activities and special uses
  •   Obtain a Geotechnical Report which recommends building foundations and paving design. Coordinate structural and civil engineer as related to the design
  •   Obtain Boundary and Topographical Survey for the property
  •   Provide a schematic cost estimate and conceptual project schedule
  •   Preparation of design concept based on functional and aesthetic requirements
  •   Evolving the concepts using sketches and 3D models
  •   Meetings with client and making necessary modifications in the design
  •   Transforming the Idea into drawings for detailed working
  •   Incorporation of various building services in the concept stage, to avoid any discrepancy
  •   Optimizing various factors like budget, time and quality
  •   Finalization of design to develop the tender drawings
  •   Preliminary Specifications & Schematic cost estimate
  •   Provide Notice to Bidders
  •   Reproduce and distribute tender document sets to shortlisted bidders
  •   Chair pre-bid meeting and attend the Bid Opening
  •   Prepare Engineer’s Recommendation of Award Letter
  •   Preparation of Bar Chart and getting the contractor’s approval on the same
  •   Support Construction Administration
  •   Revisions in the drawings as and when required as per site conditions / Client’s requirements / betterment of the project
  •   ADCPL Construction Engineer to conduct regular site visits
  •   Assisting client’s organization to manage time bound program with all contractors and Cost management
  •   Provide support services as needed during the project close out process
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